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Regardless of Yacht Size

Hull & Superstructure

Lazzara Yachts’ hulls and superstructures are professionally fabricated in composite, aluminum, or steel as the design requires. Regardless of the material our personnel have extensive experience in each and will execute your build to world class standards.

Our composite hulls and superstructures are fabricated using Epoxy resin, E-glass, Carbon fiber, and PVC foam cores. Epoxy resin ensures the best performance and durability over the lifetime of the yacht and is superior when compared to the typically used Vinyl Ester and Polyester resins.

Furniture & Interior

Our world class team will capture your creative energy and work with you to choose the colors and materials from our list of options that best suit your taste. Regardless of size each Lazzara is a super yacht and her interiors reflect this. Our experienced craftsmen will bring it to life in our world class facility which includes an in-house interior finishing operation. It was originally built and operated by a leading German super yacht interior company who builds furniture for the best German and Dutch shipyards. We carry on this tradition of producing the highest level of custom yacht interiors regardless of size.

"We believe in delivering quality beyond what the eye can see"

"We complete the design process using state-of-the-art 3D nautical design tools"

"We deliver redundant and state of the art engineered yachts"

Unique Engineering & Design Features

Sea Chests

Centralized and fully redundant military grade Sea Chests are structurally integrated into the yachts hull with their top above the water line allowing for service with the yacht still in the water. Each Sea Chest can be fully closed from inside the engine room so all of the sea-water users can be serviced while the yacht is still in the water.

No Through Hulls

The Lazzara UHV 87 is a unique yacht and the first ever engineered without traditional through hulls. Typically, yachts are riddled with multiple through hulls down the side of the hull. An Lazzara with Not a single (non-structural) through hull will have less maintenance, better appearance, and significantly less risk of water intrusion.

Hard Piping

Only the highest quality commercial grade hard piping is used throughout a Lazzara. Specialized flexible hoses are used only for the connection between components and hard piping.

SuperYacht Electrical

In house super yacht electrical system design and implementation ensures super yacht quality electrical systems execution. You will find only premium components and professionally organized and routed wire runs on an Lazzara.

Advanced Alarm Monitoring

A decentralized alarm system monitors the onboard systems and provides the captain and crew with relevant data for the yachts safe operation. This super yacht alarm monitoring system provides outputs not only on the helm touch screens but also in the engine room, crew quarters, and of course on mobile devices.

Watertight Stabilizer Compartments

Stabilizers are installed such that the entire mechanical system is in a watertight compartment reducing the chance of water intrusion in the case of hard grounding.

Highly Redundant Systems

Most systems are redundant to ensure uninterrupted service for all aboard and will also allow for service while the systems are in use.

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