UHV Series

Ultra High Volume

Ultra High Volume
The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022 Winner

Super Yacht Quality

Every Lazzara UHV is designed and built like a super yacht. Unlike others you will not find flexible hoses but instead only hard piping, a yacht riddled with through hulls, or pipes and wires running haphazardly through the yacht. Lazzara UHVs are built for those who appreciate quality in what they can see and in what is hidden from sight.

Ultra High Volume (UHV)

The Lazzara brand takes our passion of pushing the design and engineering envelope and delivers to you yachts with industry leading interior space and space utilization. When you step aboard an Ultra High Volume (UHV) Lazzara Motor Yacht you will have to double check her length as you will be convinced, she is a much larger yacht.

Luxury Interior

Every Lazzara UHV interior is designed and built with luxury in mind. Our world class team will capture your creative energy and work with you to choose the colors and materials from our list of options that best suit your taste. Regardless of size each Lazzara UHV is a super yacht and her interiors reflect this.

Luxury Meets Innovation

At the intersection of bespoke interior craftsmanship & disruptive engineering is Lazzara UHV from Lazzara Yachts.

This breakthrough in style and performance integrates modern amenities and innovative technology to update a classic style. Fluid lines create a stylish silhouette that stands out from the crowd, while premier comfort and lifestyle features put an Lazzara UHV ahead of the best. Operational innovations add unrivaled convenience and comfort whether on short excursions or long expeditions.

Lazzara UHV is for those who desire extraordinary luxury, style, and functionality. A point of departure from the traditional motor yacht Lazzara UHV will satisfy the most discerning yachtsmen.

Lazzara UHV 87

With the largest gross tonnage in its class the UHV 87 has been designed to have unrivaled interior volume. Her three lower deck staterooms and the master are exceptionally large and custom designed to rival those on a yacht twice her size. With very large main deck and upper deck salons the super yacht sensation of space continues. Both spaces benefit from an expansive use of glass bringing the outside in. With so much space we can offer optional configurations, one with the master on the main deck and an upper deck salon, and a second with a master in place of the upper salon and a country kitchen on the main deck. Of course, the superyacht theme continues behind the scenes with the entire vessel being hard piped (no flexible hoses) while also being completely isolated for noise and vibration. This level of super yacht engineering and execution continues throughout all the yachts systems and equipment whether or not they are visible. With a projected range of 2000+ NM @ 12 knots you will find yourself extending your time aboard this fully displacement yacht.
SVG Lazzara UHV 87
SVG Lazzara UHV 100

Lazzara UHV 100

Building on the industry disrupting UHV 87 the UHV 100 provides even more exterior and interior space. With 2800 sq.ft (260m2) of interior space and 1345 sq.ft (125m2) of exterior decks, the Lazzara UHV 100 offers a superlative onboard lifestyle – a true home on the water. The UHV100 has the greatest gross tonnage of any yacht in this class and the optimized use of space will rival that of a yacht twice its size. The extra length provides larger upper and main decks aft as well as much more space on the forward deck. As with each of the UHV’s the aft upper deck can serve as an owner’s terrace if you chose the unique configuration with the master suite on the second deck. In this configuration on the main deck, you will find an expansive galley and country kitchen in addition to the salon and formal dining area. Of course, if you chose instead to have a second deck salon there will be a master on the main in place of the country kitchen. On the lower deck, there are 4 instead of 3 large guest cabins, for a total of five guest cabins and in the crew area, the addition of a third bunk room expands the crew accommodations to 5. If the UHV 87 is not quite large enough the UHV 100 may be just what you are looking for.

Lazzara UHV 125

The UHV 125 takes the best of the UHV 87 and 100 and adds a sun deck to expand your outdoor space, as well as larger aft and forward deck spaces. With the larger aft deck there is room for a jacuzzi and an optional davit. When you chose the second deck salon it will be the size of a typical main deck salon so you will have no shortage of interior space. The main deck master features a walk-in closet/dressing room, a fold down balcony, and office space. Of course, you can choose instead to have the master on the second level in place of the salon and a country kitchen on the main deck. On the lower deck there are 4 large guest cabins, for a total of five guest cabins. A captain’s cabin has been added in the bridge, as well as 2 convertible crew cabins on the lower deck with space for 6, and a large crew galley that can serve as a second main deck galley. As with all Lazzara Yachts you do not have to compromise when it comes to luxury, appearance, behind the scenes systems, or quality. This fully displacement yacht we be a long-range cruiser and once aboard you will never want to leave.
SVG Lazzara UHV 125

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