Lazzara LSX120 – Picture of the Day 3

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7 Responses to Lazzara LSX120 – Picture of the Day 3

  1. Chris Larson says:

    Absolutely stunning! I’ve favored the 78fly, but this latest rendering has me thinking twice. How about shipping one to Flagstaff, AZ? Wouldn’t be able to go anywhere with it, but it’d sure make a nice home, and I’m sure the Microsoft Surface table would come in handy with homework and other college activities. Thanks for posting! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. stuart kenyon says:

    Just looked at the renderings for the new LSX120. I think the best phrase I can use is that it is just so sexy. its contemporary design would challenge things from people such as Terrance Disdale. Even sitting there it looks like its in fluid motion, something which only good design can achieve I might add. I am sure that this craft is destined to be a real head turner no matter where it is moored. In the mediteranean everyone would assume that it comes from one of the major Italian designers and yacht builders, that is how good it looks, a sort of Ferrari of the Ocean. Can’t wait to drool over it in person, appologies in advance if I dribble uncontrollably all over the yacht when I get on board one.

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Our design team will see these comments for sure an I know it will make them proud. We have worked hard on this design and are looking forward to showcasing it later next year. I think thats the think with boats. They have to stir an emotion and I know the LSX120 does. Its going to be exciting to see what people think of it when they see it. Thanks again for the comments.

  3. Cool Dude says:

    This is the most amazing yacht on the planet! I spread good work about this company. Love the Microsoft Surface! I’m cool because I like Lazzara yachts. They ROCK! I follow you the whole way and love the LSX models the most. How much is this big girl?

  4. Cool Dude says:

    Thank you. That was my son typing though. Sorry about that.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Cool Dude, you have a stylish son ;)

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