21 hours and counting

There are less than 21 hours until the debut of the LSX92.  It will be introduced to 250 people at the launch scheduled for 7:30pm at the Bahia Mar. This is a huge event for our company and a day that we have been eagerly anticipating for a while.  I haven’t been posting for the last two days as I’ve been working 18 hour days to get ready for this.  While those days have been long many people in our company are working 30-40 hours a day just to get things perfect for this debut.  There is not yacht in the world like it, none. I can’t wait to share what has been our companies passion for the last 10 months with the whole world.  

As for that secret I mentioned a couple a days ago.  Seems the secret is out.  You can see it HERE and read about it HERE

Hope to see you at the show and if you come by our showcase make sure to say hello.

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One Response to 21 hours and counting

  1. Linda Breuer says:

    OMG you have done an amazing job on your new project. Tracey I wish I was there with you guys. This is way beyond anything I ever imagined to see.
    All I can say is WOW. I am so impressed…
    Best of luck at the showing. Linda

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