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New Wild Color On Lazzara LSX78

Tweet The latest launch of the Lazzara LSX78 introduced a custom metallic sky blue paint. The LSX78 continues in the success set by the

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Two Great Videos From Megayachtnews.org

Tweet Diane Byrne of Megayachtnews.org has created two awesome videos on the new LSX line. The first is of the

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Pictures Of Lazzara LSX78 Flybridge

Tweet I had planned to do a video today from the inside of the LSX120 mold but the microphone I

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Did We Sell Yachts At The Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show? Video Blog #12

Tweet I must say, this was probably my favorite video that I’ve made so far.  Two weeks ago I made

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Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show First Impressions

Tweet Going into this show I was certainly confident we would sell some yachts.  I even guaranteed it in last

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Show Time For the New LSX78

Tweet Yes we’re getting closer.  The 2009 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show is quickly approaching.  And making her debut this year

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Lazzara Video Blog #9

Tweet Sorry for the delay folks. I couldn’t get the sound to sync with the video on Friday so I

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New Lazzara LSX78 fly

Tweet So here are the latest renderings of the newest Lazzara, the LSX78 fly. In addition to the new flybridge

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LSX75 Fly Model

Tweet The 1″ scale model of the new LSX75 Flybridge edition is now complete.  We recently debut the model at

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Black Tie Event

Tweet When the new LSX75Fly makes its’ debut this October, one thing is for sure, it will blow you away. 

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