Lazzara Going to Korea

Is the Lazzara LSX92 going to Korea?  Well sort of.  We’ll be going via the cover of the new Yachting Korea magazine.  Bonnier Corp is launching its latest foreign publication, Yachting Korea.  “We are please to have chosen the affluent Korean marketplace as the launching pad of our worldwide licensing expansion of the magazine” states Yachting Publisher Ed Baker.

“We see Yachting as a magazine that has a big international potential,” said Anders Malmsten, International Publisher for Bonnier Corp. “In the U.S., it has been the gold standard for more than 101 years, and as luxury boating is spreading around the world, we would like to see Yachting follow”.

Having the LSX92 grace the cover of the debut of Yachting Korea magazine is a great opportunity for Lazzara to introduce its product into a new market.  Who knows, maybe next year we will deliver our first Lazzara to Korea.


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3 Responses to Lazzara Going to Korea

  1. marc balducci says:

    Hi ! I didn’t know where to fit this comment in so I figured the most recent posting was good a place as any.

    My wife and I were wondering….

    I know the new LSX75 and 92 are gorgeous in all respects
    in their contemporary ultra modern glory. However, we were wondering if you have completed an interior of a 75/92 in your more traditional cherry and walnuts – “country kitchen” style like the previous lazzaras.

    We love the exterior of the new boats, but we’ve not gotten into the new sleek italian interiors coming out of Italy and now omnipresent here. I watched one of your vids you posted with your designer from South America and she mentioned that she had a “challenge” in making those “country kitchen” style and cherry interiors work in the new 75/92, but that she had completed it.

    Any chance of posting some of these alternative interior pics for your 75/92s showing off some of that work ? I bet we’re not the only ones who love the walnut and/or cherry style interiors your family has def’y perfected in previous yacht interiors.

    It’s not that I think your company could not perfect that style in the 75/92, but its very very hard to “imagine” or “envision” it in your 75//92 when you look at the photos and see just the ultra italian modern contemp. version of them.

    By the way, I”ve been following your site for months now and you’re doing a great job. ( I was one of the ppl who originally asked you about posting the crew cabin photos.. and those were great – I think people appreciated that you treat the crew cabins as well as you would any suite your family creates )

    Marc Balducci
    Southern California

    • Rich Lazzara says:


      Thanks for the comments. I will respond in full via email. However for those reading this we have not yet had the opportunity to build a more traditional interior in the LSX75 or LSX92. We have the capability though and just need someone who wants to personalize their yacht that way. Maybe yours could be the first.

  2. Rich Lazzara says:

    Thank you

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