Fox News Reports On Lazzara Yachts

Fox News did a special report on Lazzara Yachts today to cover some of the recent success we’ve had in the market.  We’ve certainly seen an uptick in the market the last two quarters of this year.  Let’s hope that continues right into 2010.  You can view two different videos that they did after after the link below.

Fox News Story

Fox Business Interview with Rich Lazzara

If you’re interested in learning more about the yachts we have to offer or to just ask a question, email me

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5 Responses to Fox News Reports On Lazzara Yachts

  1. I saw the report on Fox News today. Glad to see something positive about the economy for a change.

    I also saw one of your yachts tied up here in Maine a while back. They look great!

  2. Chris Larson says:

    Congratulations on the success and making the news!

  3. Cyprian says:

    Hey Rich Just watched the interview. It’s so refreshing to see some great questions being answered, informing viewers that the luxury world has integrity and its not just wealthy people who don’t care. Your company employs a lot of families and what goes around in a positive way comes around in a positive way. Congratulations on a great interview!


  4. exfamily says:

    cyprian,september 2009,almost 235 employees were laid off,and that had a very devastating affect on us and our families,no reason ,no back pay(holiday,vacation etc)dont be fooled the economy affected even the so called lazzara family,who is also struggling to keep afloat.

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