LSX64 Color Schemes

The new LSX64 will make its’ debut at the upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, Oct 25 – 29th (Facedock Ramp#4).  One of the unique differences between Lazzara and other builders in the 60′ range is our ability to personalize your yacht. Along those lines the exterior paint scheme is one of the most requested changes.  You can see from the very small sample that only a few changes in colors really changes the look of the yacht.  Don’t miss the debut in October and see what color scheme the first one gets.

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2 Responses to LSX64 Color Schemes

  1. Derrick Levy says:

    LSX 64 colors look great

  2. mike carel says:

    The new color schemes look great, especially the grey, cream and yellow.

    One thing I noticed in looking at the floor plans is the LSX64 has significantly more room than its competitors. The plan view indicates the bottom deck has about 75% usable space whereas the normal competitor has about 50% to 60% usable space. The pod power system really allows for a significant greater space than a conventional shaft drive system it appears.

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