Lazzara Showcase Moves To Bahia Mar Marina

When we designed the Lazzara Showcase two years ago the idea was to create the worlds premiere yachting showcase that would be used as an office as well as a boat show display.  The Showcase has certainly been a huge hit at the boat shows, however finding the premiere location for her year round has taken some time.  However we now have the best location possible.

The permanant home will be in the north basin of the Bahia Mar Marina in Ft. Lauderdale FL located less than 100 feet from A1A.  There is no better location.  We will be moving our entire sales organization to this new location at 801 Seabreeze Blvd.

I for one am very excited.   We are going to offer a yacht showroom experience unlike anything else.  Certainly there are some nice yacht showrooms around the world. Our idea was to create an iconic yachting showrooms that would be moored in premiere yachting marinas arond the world.  Much as Apple has done with their retail store presence we will do that same in the yachting world.  The Showcase at the Bahia Mar is just the first of several locations.

I envision it being a destination for everyone involved in the yachting industry.  The showcase can be used by owners and clients for events.  We can host crew seminars, training and parties.  Brokers can bring their clients there and have a space to sit down, have a refreshment and meet in a quiet location. We can host mini boat shows, and cross marketing events with many other luxury brands.  The opportunities are endless.

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7 Responses to Lazzara Showcase Moves To Bahia Mar Marina

  1. Kim says:

    Cool I will be there!

    There will be a new Yacht brand on the Showcase I heart!

    Some peopel say the name is Botinger & Roi!

    Somebody know more about this?



  2. John says:

    Hi Kim,

    Allot of people are taling about this new brand!

    Look on maybe this will help you.

    Good luck on the showcase.

    I hope I will be there next year. Can’t make it this year:(

  3. Eva says:

    Just to let you know, there are some useful articles about Lazzara Yacht News and the success they are enjoying listed here:

  4. Want to find some Lazzara yacht pictures for wallpaper. but Where can I find the High quality pictures?

  5. Hello Everybody,
    we have seen your Showcase 90″ and we are intressted to buy this Unit.
    Can you please show us the Interior or a Flourplan, that we can check if it is usefull for us?
    What we can do about the Export-Price ?

    Thank yu very much.
    Best Regards

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