Lazzara Forms Strategic Partnership With The Crest Group To Expand Worldwide Operations

TAMPA, Florida, Jan. 24, 2011 – Lazzara Yacht Corporation, a legendary family name in yachting, announced it has received a capital investment from The Crest Group LLC. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Lazzara Yachts, a privately held company, is the worldwide leader in semi-custom pleasure yachts from 50’-130’.  Built in Tampa, FL, Lazzara has continued to be on the leading edge of design and innovation in the yachting world.

Enrico Scarda, Managing Partner of The Crest Group LLC. said, “We couldn’t be happier to be able to join the Lazzara team.  It is very obvious that the Lazzara family is dedicated to the continued innovation and development of exceptional yachts and we are glad to be able to be a part of it.  We expect the newly structured company to continue the success that Lazzara Yachts has enjoyed in the past.”

Brad Lazzara, Lazzara Yachts President agrees, “This partnership with The Crest Group gives our company the capital it needs to become the worldwide leader in yachts. The freedom it gives us to focus on the design, innovation and distribution of our yachts assures us a bright future for the coming decades”

In addition to the newest Lazzara model launched this past fall, the 76’ Breeze, Lazzara plans to launch five new models from 52’-120’ over the next twenty four months. This will help meet worldwide demand as Lazzara enters over twenty five new markets including New York, USA; Athens, Greece;  Istanbul, Turkey;  Aberdeen, Hong Kong; Shanghi, China; Mumbai, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Moscow, Russia; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; and others.

Lazzara Yachts Chairman Dick Lazzara says “For the last twenty years we’ve had a family owned, primarily US focused, business model. It’s time to broaden our horizons and bring the superior Lazzara quality, style and innovation to the entire world. I couldn’t be more optimistic about the direction we’re headed and what the future holds for us at Lazzara” said Dick Lazzara.

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17 Responses to Lazzara Forms Strategic Partnership With The Crest Group To Expand Worldwide Operations

  1. Ken Richard says:

    Congragulations! Your Family has worked very hard thru the years, with this partnership the possibilities seem unlimited..

  2. Richard Couper says:

    2nd That. Congratulations & Best in the Future.

  3. Ken Clinton says:

    It’s nice to see such a quality luxury brand like Lazzara have the opportunity to expand their buisness model and reach additional markets. Lazzara Yachts is a class act operation from top to botom.
    Best wishes with your new opportunity,

    Ken Clinton
    Intrepid Powerboats

  4. Louie Normand says:

    Lazzara Yachts builds great yachts & has Great customer service. Having the cash to make it a global company will make it a power house in it’s class even in tough times. You think there   
    innovators in design and manufacturing today just wait.
    Well done Lazzara Family

    From: Louie Normand

    See you in Miami to look at the  LSX 92   

  5. Carl Schlehner says:

    This is very exciting news! Congratulations to the entire Lazzara family! I was getting concerned when I had not heard or seen any updates on the sites/blogs for a while, but understand why you were laying low and focusing on your strategic partnership. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity. I eagerly look forward to seeing what the future brings for Lazzara Yachts and anxiously look forward to seeing the new creations you will be building. I am sure the yachts will continue to rate a 10 on the “sexy yachts meter”. Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you!

  6. Thank you for your beautiful writing

  7. Anthony K. says:

    As an entrepreneur in the hedge fund industry (also located in Tampa, FL), I look forward to nothing more than taking ownership of my first Lazzara some day soon. Although I am still a few years out, I am glad to see the company getting the capital it needs, so that when I am ready, Lazarra will be there!

  8. Fantastic news Rich.
    The future looks very exciting for Lazzara Yachts
    See you all very soon.


  9. The first day we visited a Lazzara yacht, we realized that this company was not only building great yachts but was literally bringing the boating industry forward! All the best to the Lazzara family and keep going to build such innovative and beautiful yachts.

    Vincent Finetti
    Prestige Vision

  10. it is very exciting to see Lazzara continue on with an American built Yacht that has the same style and Beauty of the European Builders….but, has the far better Quality and reliability of an American product…Great News….Patrick Desper

  11. Thank you good writing

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