Visually Stimulating – LSX92 interior photography

LSX Master Stateroom

The interior photos of the LSX92 are done and all I can tell you is that they are amazing. The boat has such a unique style on the interior that we wanted to use a photography technique that would accentuate this. We used direct and indirect lighting to create the mood.  There are dramatic blasts of light and sensually placed shadows giving the interior photography a look that is uniquely its own.  The overall result is a visual experience that is unforgettable.   Enjoy more photos after the link.  If you want to download (22mb) medium resolution files of the interior photos go HERE.

LSX Master Head

LSX Galley

LSX92 Galley2

LSX Salon

LSX92 Salon 2

LSX92 Helm

LSX92 Salon Dinning

LSX92 Day Head

LSX92 VIP Stateroom Stbd

LSX VIP Stateroom Stbd

LSX92 VIP Stateroom Fwd

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2 Responses to Visually Stimulating – LSX92 interior photography

  1. These photos are stunning. Great photography work. I will be using these as a reference in my next photography shoot. The interior almost looks fake it’s lit so well!

  2. Rich says:

    Thank you for the compliments. Those were shot by Scott Pearson He and I work on a new lighting scheme that would really set the interior of the new LSX92 apart from what was out there. Good luck with your shoot.

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