Top 10 LSX92 Features (#6)



The pod system has changed and will continue to change our industry forever.  When we look back 30 – 50 years from now the impact of this technology will rank right up there next to the introduction of fiberglass.  If you follow this blog you know my feeling on the pod systems, however if you missed it I wrote a rebuttal to an op-ed piece that the editor of Power and Motoryacht Magazine did and it really highlights many of the advantages to this system.  


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  1. David E says:

    Does anyone know what the range is at cruising speed of the LSX 92?

    I’ve seen this boat three times now. Once at the Fort Lauderdale boat show. Once at the Palm Beach Boat Show and once coming in from Government Cut in Miami Beach making a gargantuan wake. The boat is simply beautiful.

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