Top 10 LSX92 Features (#4)


#4 Atrium Galley

The expansive atrium Galley with an impressive 15 foot ceiling welcomes you to the accommodations deck below. This innovative layout was first pioneered by Lazzara on the LSX seventy five .  The country kitchen has seating for six and a comfortable breakfast bar that add yet another option for casual dining. A walk-in utility room with washer, dryer, ironing board and linen storage can be accessed through a door adjacent to the forward VIP stateroom.   This atrium layout is only found on the Lazzara LSX line of yachts and is one that allows the entire family to be together no matter where they are on the main deck. 


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  1. Jon says:

    This shot with the model is definitely my favorite. It looks like an ad for Versace.

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