Top 10 LSX92 Features (#1)


#1 Flybridge

While a flybridge on an express yacht is not all together new, a useable one is.  In addition the flybridge is so thoroughly integrated into the sleek profile it all but disappears. The smooth, low flying silhouette belies a second helm station, a richly appointed sun deck with seating for eight and a generous aft sunpad. Unlike other yachts, there is no arch and ungainly hardtop supports to obstruct vision and interrupt the beautiful flow of lines. A refined, 7-foot mast houses the radar sweep and an elegantly styled graphite hardtop. The helm station dash flips up for use, otherwise this bridge, unseen in profile, is a most comfortable sun deck, worthy of the best of the Sport Yacht design.


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4 Responses to Top 10 LSX92 Features (#1)

  1. Jose Luis says:

    Hey Rich just wanted to stop by and congratulate you and your team on the excellent work you guys are doing. Lazzara is truly and amazing company, everything including design, technology, customer support, etc is awesome. The web site is amazing and congrats with the blog and the Facebook account, that’s the way to success these days. Having direct contact with customers and fans is the best way to attract buyers. I’m a proud fan of Lazzara Yachts myself.
    I’m majoring in Accounting and Finance in Monterrey Mexico, I’m graduating next year, I’m 23. Before I used to dream about having a Ferrari or some fancy car like that, but now thanks to all the info, pics and vids on your website, I now dream of owning a Lazzara yacht. Works of art like the LSX92 and the new 120 have inspired me to excel at what I do so that maybe one day if I’m lucky I might own a yacht you guys make.
    I have a couple of questions:
    • Do you guys ever come to Mexico to do presentations or boat shows? If so. When and where? I want to go.
    • What the range on the LSX92 and de 75? How far can they go? Because the Caribbean is pretty small and if I ever buy own I’d dock it at San Carlos in the Sea of Cortez (It’s between the state of Sonora and the Bajas on the Pacific). And I want to know if they can make the trip from San Carlos to Cabo.

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Thank you very much for the comments and the kind words. No we do not currently do any boat shows in Mexico. I will send you the fuel curves with range data via email. Good luck in school and I look forward to selling you a boat someday.

  2. Mark L. Dean says:


    I thought I finely had my question answered. Jose asked “What the range on the LSX92″ But you got me….I can’t read his emails… Could I get this emailed to me as well.

    Plus I’d like to add the LSX92 is my goal as well. Words do not do justice to the work you and your team have done with her. It’s the standard that all other makers only try and achive.

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