Top 10 Best LSX92 Features (#10)

LSX92 Lower Helm

Top 10 List Time – The subject for this one; Top 10 best LSX92 Features


Lets face it, every guy that walks on this boat stops in awe when they come to this part of the yacht.  The three large LCD’s mounted behind a single piece of glass give you the appearance of the largest single monitor ever built. The whole idea behind the design was create a minimalistic piece of furniture, not some busy cluttered up dash.  Add to that the fact that the entire screen rotates for optimum viewing angle and you have something that not only has never been done in a yacht, but also fits perfectly in the main salon without distracting from the overall look.  Also don’t miss the beautifully designed helm seats with white stitching, the leather wrapped steering wheel or the stainless steel LSX foot rest below the helm. Of course its more than just a pretty area.  The design team placed the helm on center line and as far forward (actually cantilevering the helm over the Galley) as possible giving the navigator the best possible visibility. Its those types of details that set this yachts helm apart from anything else that’s out there and  are the reason this is the #10 best feature on the LSX92.  

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3 Responses to Top 10 Best LSX92 Features (#10)

  1. Chris Larson says:

    This is my favorite spot on any boat, and the LSX92 and 75 top the list of beautiful helms.

  2. David Baer says:

    this might even deserve to be higher than #10, helms on yachts that aspire to be the lsx are no comparison

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      David, Perhaps you are correct. Its been two years and I still have yet to see anyone duplicate it. Also one of the most striking features on the yacht. Thanks.

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