The new performance

Today, we sea trialed the LSX92 and redefined what performance means in the yachting world.  Wow what a yacht!  She has exceeded our expectations in every area.  For decades people have associated performance with top speed or cruising speed.  And while the LSX92 will be remarkable at top end and cruising, she is so much more.  Her maneuverability at both high speeds and low speeds is something traditionally experienced on boats much much smaller. The fuel consumption, or lack there of, is unrivaled.  The acceleration of this 92′ beast gives you the feeling as though you were shot from a canon.  What a great day for our company, congratulations to all of those involved.  

Here is an email from an eyewitness who happen to be cruising on his sailboat:

 “I saw this boat on it’s maiden test run on Tampa Bay today (9-29-08). What a boat. Very fast and agile. Truely a thing of beauty going through the water. Unfortunatly for me, my sailboat was no match for it’s wake at full speed and when the second wake hit me, I noticed my handheld VHF skip off my console and accross my deck, right into the bay. Sunk like a rock. The fella in the Donzi chase boat came over to appologize to me for the wake. Wish I could afford one of these yachts for sure.”

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