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  1. Marc says:

    Just wondering… my wife has asked me out of sheer curiosity – is there a full barbecue, fridge, ice maker on the flybridge of new ’92. I looked at all the photos, but I’ve never saw anyone grilling up lobster tails up there, so I was wondering if there is no outdoor grill / icemaker / fridge up there……

    Marc with a sicilian chef of a wife who asked me to ask

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks Rich… I will let my wife know that the lobster tails can indeed be BBQ’d on the new ’92.

    Ya know, that would make a great photo op – steaks and lobster tails on the BBQ and someone in a Tommy Bahama shirt with a corona ( not showing the label of course ) in one hand and tongs in the other.

    No ice maker ? really – well I am sure you could put one in – you guys work miracles over there – if you can move that barge from one coast to another – I’m sure the icemaker challenge is up their alley…LOL

    Happy New Year,


  3. Rich says:

    yes, the barbecue is under a lid between the two upright arches (grey) on the flybridge. In addition within that island is a fridge, no icemaker.

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