Feeling Blue

We did a photoshop job for a client,  painting the LSX92 with a navy blue hull, white flybridge and white arch.  You can see the two photos (top one photoshop), bottom one (actual boat).  Looks pretty good.



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8 Responses to Feeling Blue

  1. Chris Larson says:

    It does look pretty good. Never been much of a fan of all white myself, I much prefer the look of painted hulls.

  2. Sweet. You might try a signature boot stripe to differentiate this model from a Sunseeker to the untrained eye.

  3. Chris Larson says:

    I’m thinking possibly a gold stripe that has a little zig zag in it towards the aft, similar to what is used in the Lazzara logo would look nice against the blue.

  4. william says:

    prefare the white, the blue kind of hides the nice agreesive window designs on the side

  5. mike carel says:

    Hi Rich,

    I think it looks pretty sleek. How about adding the gold stripe shown on the exterior shots and a large Lazzara signature logo under the aft deck area? Also, you may want to play with a dark green as well.

  6. Bud Hargate says:

    Zig zag on the aft from almost railing to waterline and same logo under name on bridge sides would look just about right.Make the colors somewhat suttle to blend with hull and bridge colors.I hope I can make enough in the next few years so I can have you paint one for me.I love the 75. Thanks Bud

  7. Rich says:

    Good point and I agree. Not 100% sure that we will do this, it was a concept for a prospect.

  8. Rich says:

    That would look very nice.

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