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Diane Byrne of has created two awesome videos on the new LSX line. The first is of the LSX92 while the second is of the LSX78. You can check them out by after clicking on the more button. Oh and be sure to follow Diane and here newest endeavor at . Thanks Diane for the great videos.

LAZZARA LSX 92 from Megayacht News on Vimeo.

LAZZARA 78 from Megayacht News on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to Two Great Videos From

  1. Todd Riceman says:

    A big thanks to Diane @ MegaYacht News for the videos! I toured both of these beautiful vessels at FLIBS ’09, it is great to see them in motion. I now know which boat I’ll buy after I give up my beloved Bertram…

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Todd, yes thank you to Diane, she did a great job. Look forward to seeing you at Miami Boat Show. Thanks for the comments.

  2. A. Barranti says:

    Richard, when can we expect the full tour of the78fly with tech specs on your website’s main page?.

  3. Rich, Congratulations, looks like Lazzara has made its way onto the high-performance boating scene via NFL’r Albert Haynesworth. Albert has registered his 78′ for our Miami Boat Show Poker Run, Feb 18-21, 2010. Maybe I’ll finally get my ride on a Lazzara!

  4. David E says:


    The LSX 92 is unbelievable. I saw the 92 at the Palm Beach Boat Show a few years back and was blown away.

    I’m wondering if the 92 is something a single owner could operate with no crew.

    I currently have a 60 footer that I can handle in my sleep and am considering something much more substantial, something that I can take on long trips, instead of excursions to The Keys and Bahamas.

    The 78′ is unbelievable, but the 92, that seems like something I’d consider if I knew it could operate with 2 people on board.

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