Pictures Of Lazzara LSX78 Flybridge

I had planned to do a video today from the inside of the LSX120 mold but the microphone I have wasn’t going to work.  Sooo I ordered a new one and hopefully it will be here Monday and I can shoot the video.

In the meantime, I just got the photos from the exterior shoot we did on the new LSX78 Fly.  I think you’ll agree she looks great.  The amazing thing is how the flybridge just blends in and doesn’t add to the profile height visually.  She is one of the best looking yachts we’ve ever built.  Plus with the painted red hull you can’t miss her.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Also if you would like more information on delivery and pricing feel free to email me

Click on the photos below to enlarge



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8 Responses to Pictures Of Lazzara LSX78 Flybridge

  1. Stu Reed says:

    Beautiful job on the Fly. Were there any changes to the interior?

    I was also wondering if there has been any thought to offering jet pumps as an option to your LSX line. I know they are not as fuel efficient as the props, but I’m wondering if there would be a market for jets.


    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Stu, Thank you! No there are no changes on the interior. The only thought we put into jets was loosely discussing it nearly 4 years ago prior to going with IPS. The disadvantages at that time outweighed the advantages. Mainly the inefficiency at certain cruising speeds and the space they would take up lead us to pursue other propulsion technology. Thanks for the comments.

  2. PY says:

    that’s very nice, and the red really gave it an elegant touch, a few years ago before Azimut introduced the red color for its S range, I never liked it much on the water minus some exceptions, and the Lazzara is surely one of those
    I think having Lazzara jumped on the IPS/Pods system, jets is a bit of a different beast, and I think for them to be efficient and worth there money you need 40 knots of max and for this you also would need bigger engines about 2000hp and bigger tanks too…

  3. mike carel says:

    Hi Rich,

    The LSX78 Fly is truly stunning. I predict this will be huge for you. The Black Tie color scheme is very similar to a boat our family had when I was growing up in the Finger Lakes area. The only difference was that ours had Dove Grey instead of white.

    By the way, I saw some amusing comments from boat captains that were burdened by Azimuts. Most were barely printable but the general feeling is that Azimuts were dock queens and were nightmares to work on. The Lazzara design philosophy and customer support structure seems to be leagues better.

    Best wishes for the upcoming years.

  4. Spencer says:

    These boats are the finest I have ever seen. You can not go wrong with purchassing a Lazzara Yacht. I admire your beauty in your fine vessels.

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