LSX75 Fly

Here are the latest renderings of the new LSX75 Fly that will debut fall 2009.  Some of things you will notice right away are the addition of the flybridge level, the larger aft deck seating and the new foredeck seating group.  This yacht will be a great addition to an already exceptional product line.  


The flybridge will have a large sunpad aft, seating group and a full navigational helm. This flybridge will be the largest of any express flybrdige on the market.  


The aft deck sunpad that is on the LSX75 is now converted into a U shaped seating group, making the seating capacity much larger as well as giving you another 3′ of floor space on the aft deck.  Of course since you have the large sunpad on the flybridge you wont all together loose that feature.  


The foredeck seating group will have a very large settee along with two smaller tables and a sunpad fwd of that.  This area has become increasingly popular as a place to gather for lunch or afternoon cocktails

There is also more to come in this new design, but I will save that for another post. 




More pictures after the link

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5 Responses to LSX75 Fly

  1. mattredstone says:

    This looks phenomenal Rich. Its amazing how you guys can make an already fantastic yacht even better!

  2. marc says:

    i was just wondering….

    Are you still building the 68s and the 103 ( not quite sure on the length, my wife always loved the IMpulse from the photo of it in front of Atlantis ) -

    We were just wondering if those models were discontinued and you’re moving into more the slick contemporary models..or you’re still making the 68s and the 103?104? model.

    Southern california

    oh and I do think the added flybridge on the 75 puts it in a totally different class …. every time I looked at the original 75 I kept thinking “damn ..if that had a flybridge”..and now there it is…lol

  3. marc says:

    Hi Rich…thanks for the quick reply – actually this is the same Marc that wrote you all those comments a few weeks ago in tandem with the other commentor “chris” -

    I am still waiting for the calendar – I recall yous ent me an email that said they would go out on January 26th – but hasn’t hit here yet. Did they ever go out ? I’m the Marc from California you were writing earlier.

  4. Rich says:

    Thanks talk to you tomorrow.

  5. Rich says:


    We are not offering the 68 or the 106. Both have been replaced. The 68 is replaced with the LMC76 and the 106 has been replaced by the 116. Thanks for the comments on the LSX75, we were getting many requests for a flybridge model of it and now we can offer that. Shoot me a direct email to with your address and Ill send you a 2009 calendar.

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