Lazzara LSX78 With New Features For 2011

The latest launch at Lazzara was an LSX78 painted a platinum color.  The LSX78 which made its debut in October 09′ continues to evolve.  The additions on the 2011 model will include a foredeck seating arrangement with two cocktail tables.  This area still maintains a forward sunpad but in addition to that gains an expansive seating group.

One of the other added features for the 2011 model will be the increase size of the aft deck.  The seating moves aft to accommodate an “U”shaped seating group while still maintaining a sunpad. The aft deck increases in overall size giving you more room for entertainment.  In addition you will notice a beautifully crafted polished stainless steel and teak stairway going up to the flybridge.

Lastly the transom “beach” feature Lazzara yachts invented and made popular with the LSX92, is now available on the LSX78.  This feature allows you to launch the tender and then convert the transom space into a great gathering and entertaining area.  In addition we have increase the tender storage capacity to now include a much larger tender, up to 12’6″ in length.

For more information on pricing or availability please call 813-835-3636 or email me.

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9 Responses to Lazzara LSX78 With New Features For 2011

  1. Chris Larson says:

    Good to see continual upgrades to the LSX line. Another great color for the LSX78 as well, and looks great as the background on my laptop and work computer.

  2. itzik says:

    This is an amazing yacht, whats the price tag on such a vessel? (or at least an estimate?

  3. top yatchs says:

    I want tobuild a very expensive yatch

  4. takahiro says:

    I am a big fan of yacht !
    It is a dream to take the yacht of your company some time.

    From the fan of Japan
    Good luck and please take care.

  5. You folks never cease to amaze me! It was my desire to shrink the aft deck sun-pad to allow for more ‘people’ space, perhaps a grill and small wet bar & voila, you have done it!….At least the ‘people’space.

  6. Greg says:

    Hi Rich,

    This yacht looks awesome as all from your company. The only information I could find is the fuel consumption. About how many miles possible to go with 100l of fuel?
    Thanks for your reply,


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