Black Tie Event

When the new LSX75Fly makes its’ debut this October, one thing is for sure, it will blow you away.  Whether we decided to paint it or not has yet to be determined, however I think you will agree that it completly changes the look of the yacht.  This particular color combination of black hull with white deck reminds me of a black tie event. You can go to our website to see the LSX75fly in all red. Let us know what you think.  Should we paint it? What color?

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10 Responses to Black Tie Event

  1. Chris Larson says:

    Absolutely stunning! My vote is to paint it, not a huge fan of white hulls. That color combination looks good, as does all red. If I have to pick one…I’d go with red, as it is my favorite color. All red or the Red hull with white deck, that I’m not sure of, both look really good.

  2. I am a big fan of dark hulls. But a bugger to keep clean…but they look fantastic, Sunseeker use darks hulls more and more and they do look cracking……

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Cracking can be prevented with proper preparation. SS doesn’t put the $ into prepping the hulls properly to prevent this. One difference. As for the clean part, your right that is a challenge.

  3. John Osten says:

    I usually like dark colors as well, but I believe all red is the color for this yacht. It looks absolutely stunning. I made that rendering my desktop background the moment I first saw it. I hope I will find one with a better resolution soon or the photo of the real one. You guys are doing great, keep it up.

  4. Kirstin Carlson says:

    Rich, the link to the red boat pic on our web site doesn’t work. The black/white is terrific – crisp and classy.

  5. Dave Rzepiejewski says:


    Red has seXXXy written all over it!!! I do wonder if adding a little sun to a red deck would leave it hot to the touch?


    • Rich Lazzara says:

      No doubt it would be hotter than a white deck. For that reason you might want to do a white deck with red hull only.

  6. Rich, that black tie theme looks amazing. I like the red as well, but the black and white theme looks stunning.

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