Megayachts Shipped to the Med

People often ask me how our yachts get to Europe or the Middle East from our factory in Tampa.  They are always blown away when I tell them that they are shipped, along with many other yachts,  on a huge cargo vessel .  In fact, many times, the Lazzara’s are one of the smaller yachts on the cargo vessel (note the red arrow pointing to an LSX75).  Just recently one of our owners had  his LSX75 delivered from the US to Europe for the cruising season.  We sent our corporate captain over to help with the unloading of the boat and he brought back some wonderful pictures.

If you look closely at the pictures you will see that many yachts are located on the cargo vessel. To offload the freighter the compartment where the yachts are stored is flooded and then they drive out.  It is quite a remarkable thing to see.


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3 Responses to Megayachts Shipped to the Med

  1. mike carel says:

    Hi Rich,

    Pretty interesting info. The Travel Channel had some shows regarding this. Apparently the going rate for a yacht to be shipped to Europe is about $1000 a foot one way. You’re right about the process being fairly interesting, as well as being precise and expensive.

  2. Rich Lazzara says:

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate it. Glad you enjoy the site.

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