Leap Of Faith

Follow this LSX75  Leap of Faith as she travels up the Erie Canal.  The sceneary is stunning and the Locks are magnificent. Special thanks to Carol for sharing the wonderful photography. Click on anyone of the photos to launch the picture viewer.


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3 Responses to Leap Of Faith

  1. Stuart Wells says:

    Very Cool

  2. John Osten says:

    Man, I am jeleous now… LSX75 is probably the most luxurious boat ever cruised the canals… I always got the impression that the 75 somehow would be too big, both in terms of bridge clearence and draft, to be able to navigate on the canals, but appearently not. Great pictures, great cruise…

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Thats the amazing thing about the LSX75, it can go in many places larger yachts can not and yet you dont sacrifice living space or amenities.

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