Follow The Good Life to Tennessee

We recently delivered a new LSX75 to an owner in Tennessee, overall a 1,400 NM trip over 14 days.  The route we took was Lauderdale-Tampa-Panama City-Mobile-up the Tom Bigsbee River then finally up the Tennessee River to Knoxville.  It was a beautiful trip that our Captain Rickard of Lazzara piloted.  “Besides having to dodge the occasional trees and logs the trip was beautiful” says Capt. Rickard. “We even got the chance to see one our Lazzara 110′s up there, Seven J’s, which was a surprise”.   Enjoy the pics and if you have any questions about the trip dont hesitate to drop us a comment.


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7 Responses to Follow The Good Life to Tennessee

  1. Ivan Canello says:

    This is a beautiful work and I believe it was a beautiful trip as well.


  2. David Tomen says:

    Awesome trip on an awesome yacht!

  3. Chris Larson says:

    Thanks for sharing! Looked like a fun trip on an amazing yacht! Also enjoy the shot of the new General Dynamics LCS.

  4. Matt says:

    That yacht is parked at the marina by calhouns where i live. that mansion is 1500 feet from my house on the lake

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