Zeus vs IPS


With the announcement that the new LMC76 will come with three Zeus pod drives the question I am most frequently asked is, “Why did you switch from Volvo IPS?”  The answer is we didn’t .  We are still using the Volovo IPS I and II systems in our LSX line of yachts.  In fact our LSX92 is still the only boat in the world to have the IPSII system and up until someone copied our LSX75, it was the only quad IPS I yacht (side note: If you missed my opinion on copying the LSX75 you can read it here). 

So why are we using the CMD Zeus System on this yacht?

There are several factors that go into specifying the desired propulsion when designing a new yacht.  Some paramaters our Product Development staff looks at are what is the weight of the new boat going to be, what is the desired speed, what is the space allocation for the engine package, what is the length/beam and so on.  When all these design paramaters were taking into consdieration the horsepower/weight ratio combined with the gear of the Zeus product made for the best fit in this application.  It’s really the same as saying Lazzara doesnt make the best boat for every situation.  If you want a killer sport fishing boat, we’re not the boat for you.  While I realize both CMD and Volvo are competing products I think in this instance, with this new yacht,  they aren’t.  The exciting thing for us is that we now have more flexibility to offer a variety of product that in the past may not have been possible with current pod drive offerings.  Lazzara Yachts is dedicated to designing the most innovative product on the water and the pod systems are at the center of that.  

Look for us to continue to use both drives in all our new yachts going forward.  The pod revolution is here to stay and we are The Yacht Company driving it.

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