Largest Master Stateroom – LMC76

The Lazzara Motor Cruiser 76′ will makes it debut this Fall.  There are many unique features that will be present on this yacht however I think the one thing people will be most impressed with is the interior volume.  With the addition of the Zeus Pod drive system the engine room is nearly 7′ shorter than with traditional drives.  This translates into a lower deck accommodation equal to a much larger yacht.  So for the same length you get more interior volume.  In fact the Master Stateroom on this 76′ yacht is larger than the Master Stateroom on our LMY84.  Below you can see the new lower accommodations layout we were able to create given the increase volume.  The Master Bed now faces outboard so and is centered on the huge exterior windows.  I think you will agree that the layout, volume and amenities in the MSR are superior to anything else that is out there in this size range.  Look for the LMC76 this Fall.


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  1. David Baer says:

    Beautiful boat!
    I’m interested to see how the interior space of the LMC 76 compares to the LSX 75. I heard that the Microsoft Tablet will be in this one as well as the LSX 120, any insight on that?

  2. Carl Schlehner says:

    Hi Rich,

    I really like the overall look and layout of the LMC 76. It does appear to utilize the space more effectively than yachts of this size.

    I like the fact that Lazzara looks at various companies for the pod drives. I believe being open to what is best for the design and performance of the boat is what will continue to make Lazzara a successful yacht builder. I am impressed at the high end cruise speed that can be achieved by this yacht. I read where Skyhook®, one of the exclusive features of Cummins MerCruiser Diesel’s Zeus® and Axius® propulsion systems, won the Best of the Year Award from Motor Boating Magazine, proving once again that Lazzara made a great choice in being innovative for their yachts.

    A couple of questions:
    1. Will the LMC 76 have an option of a helm station on the main deck? I’ve seen a few designs where the yachts have an additional helm station on the main deck (which may prove useful in inclement weather).
    2. Where would the tender and/or jet ski be stored?

    Thanks again for your blog. I thoroughly enjoy it. Keep up the great work!


    • Rich Lazzara says:

      1) Yes we can put a helm on the lower deck. It would be a small helm and go in the same general location as the galley. Hull #2 will have a lower helm
      2) The tender will go on the hydraulic swim platform. If you want a jet ski in addition to the tender it will go on the flybridge.

      Thanks for the comments.

  3. Barry L Moore says:

    Dying to see the 76 in real photos/videos and the final layout. Like the changes I see so far. Only prob for me…I like to carry a large zodiac (24 ft)..maybe on the bow?

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      24ft would be too big. I would say 14-16′ is the max. Boat will be done in 3 weeks. I’ll put up photos then. Thanks for following us.

  4. Brad says:

    Wondering if since the first 76 build if a tender storage system has been designed yet in the aft garage or is that still just a storge spot. Thanks

  5. Brad Marcoux says:

    Is the LMC 76 avaliable with a tender garage with electric winch instead of the dive locker?

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