Lazzara Motor Cruiser LMC 76

Ill post more information in the coming weeks but wanted to get the basics out to everyone right away.

The 2010 Lazzara Motor Cruiser was introduced Thursday at the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show.  This new design is a departure from the last two launches, both LSX model.  The LMC76 introduces some amazing new technologies.  First, it will be the only Motoryacht to use the triple CMD Zeus Pod systems.  The benefits of this type of system are endless but better fuel effiecency, increase interior volume, and reduced noise and vibration are just a few.  Second is the debut of the all glass main deck.  This main deck has windows that extend from ceiling to floor and wrap around three sides of the main deck.  The beauty of this all glass main deck gives you unobstructed views to all of your surroundings.  In addition the flybridge will be the largest in its class, even longer than our 84 flybridge.  Look for the LMC76 to debut in June 09′.





Official Press Release and more pictures after the link

Lazzara and CMD Team Up for World’s First Triple-Pod Motor Yacht

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Lazzara Yachts and Cummins MerCruiser Diesel announced today their inaugural joint project, the world’s first triple-pod-propelled motor yacht.

Called the Lazzara 76 and powered by CMD’s Zeus® 3000 Series propulsion system, the yacht was introduced to the world at the opening of the prestigious Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach. The announcement was made by Lazzara President Dick Lazzara and Cummins MerCruiser Diesel President Alex Savelli on board Lazzara’s luxurious floating Showcase at the event. Mr. Lazzara unveiled a 1-inch scale model of the new yacht to the delight of an invitation-only crowd of yacht aficionados, marine industry press and current Lazzara owners.

The yacht is being sea trialed at Lazzara’s Tampa, Fla., headquarters while its interior layout is being finalized. The vessel, which is slated for four staterooms, plus crew quarters, will be complete by mid-summer and Lazzara representatives are taking reservations for it at the Miami Beach show.

Mr. Lazzara said this yacht offers a great deal to the customer and to the legendary Lazzara lineup.

“CMD and Lazzara Yachts joining forces is truly a paradigm shift in motor yachts,” Mr. Lazzara said. “It offers the buyer the uniqueness of not only getting more room in the same length of boat, giving him much more value, but also the flexibility to be able to cruise at 24 or 25 knots or to slow down and be able to cruise a very long range at 9, 10 or 11 knots. I think this is the first time that type of product will have been brought to the marketplace and we’re quite excited about it.”

Total length of the new yacht is 76 feet, 5 inches, and the beam is 18 feet, 5 inches.

The Lazzara 76 is the first vessel to incorporate CMD’s Zeus Pod system in a triple configuration. The yacht’s three QSC8.3-litre, 600-hp engines are mounted side-by-side-by-side in the aft engine room, giving Lazzara designers more than six additional feet – compared to a conventional inboard arrangement – of living space with which to create another stateroom, crew quarters or whatever the owner desires. It also comes with all of the award-winning functionality of Zeus that sport yacht owners have come to treasure in twin-Zeus setups: intuitive joystick control for docking and other low-speed maneuvers; Skyhook® station keeping, which holds a vessel’s position and heading, even in the presence of wind and current; and an advanced, fully integrated autopilot system that provides autoheading and waypoint tracking.

As with all Zeus-powered craft, the Lazzara 76 can be moved in ways that are virtually impossible for any sized boat equipped with conventional straight-shaft inboards. Because the drive-by-wire system controls steering, throttle and shifting electronically and independently for each drive/pod unit, a simple movement of the joystick will automatically effect complex combinations of vectored thrust that allow the operator to spin the boat in its own length, travel diagonally or even move it dead sideways, without the use of bow or stern thrusters. In fact, the Lazzara 76 is not even equipped with bow or stern thrusters, though it does have stabilizers. And since the pods are tunnel-mounted, the gearcases and propellers are largely protected from strikes, and the draft of this 110,000-pound yacht is just 51 inches. In the unlikely event of a collision, grounding or mechanical issue, the boat is capable of returning to port on the remaining two or even one engine.

The Lazzara 76 has a full helm station on the flybridge and an auxiliary joystick aft to aid in docking.

Fuel efficiency is delivered by virtue of the stainless-steel, counter-rotating propellers mounted horizontally on the back of each gearcase. Because thrust is applied parallel to the keel, rather than downward as in a conventional inboard boat – not to mention the fact that a Zeus pod has much less hydrodynamic drag than an exposed shaft, rudder and strut – a Zeus boat enjoys up to a 30 percent improvement in wide-open-throttle fuel economy and up to a 50 percent greater range at best cruise.

It all combines to give the Lazzara 76 the incomparable Lazzara luxury and seakeeping ability owners, passengers and crew of world-class motor yachts have come to expect.

“We are very proud to collaborate with Lazzara Yachts on the expansion of our flagship propulsion system,” Mr. Savelli said. “Lazzara builds yachts that are nothing short of extraordinary, and we are extremely pleased that CMD’s technology will be powering this groundbreaking new model.”

The Lazzara Yachts Showcase and on-water yacht exhibit will be at Ramp 25, 4441 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach, Feb. 12-16, just across the street from the Fontainebleau Hotel. A map and directions are available at CMD will be exhibiting Zeus and its other propulsion solutions at the Miami International Boat Show from Feb. 12-16 at the Miami Beach Convention Center and on water at the Sea Isle Marina, across the causeway in Miami. For ticket information and directions, visit

About Lazzara Yachts

The Lazzara family pioneered the fiberglass boating industry in the 1950s with the Bounty II and securely planted its name in the marine world with the Gulfstar line of yachts in the 1970s. Today, Lazzara Yachts, based in Tampa, Fla., continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning vessels, revolutionary technologies and industry-leading customer support programs. The Lazzara LSX line of yachts is driving the propulsion revolution with the introduction of pod drive systems into the yachting category. Visit for more information.

About CMD

Based in Charleston, South Carolina (USA), Cummins MerCruiser Diesel is responsible for designing, manufacturing and providing reliable after-sales support worldwide for marine propulsion products. It offers a broad range of power, with available ratings from 115-715 hp for recreational applications and 76-715 hp for commercial use. Cummins MerCruiser Diesel is a joint venture between Cummins Inc. and Mercury Marine and can be found on the internet at

For more information, contact: Clay Gaillard, CMD Public Relations Manager at: (office) 843-745-1238, (cellular) 850-596-8271 or

High resolution photography of CMD products can be downloaded from the CMD FTP site:

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