NEW LSX120 renderings

As promised here are the latest LSX120 renderings, including profile view and all deck layouts.  Look closely at the layouts and you will see some new and interesting things on this yacht.  As always stay tuned to this site to see the latest with the development of this new project.  We are excited about this new project and know that it will continue the line of innovation that was started with the LSX75.






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18 Responses to NEW LSX120 renderings

  1. Matt R says:

    WOW! The profile looks amazing Rich. Once again, Joey, Mark and the rest of the team have done a great job. It looks like you have something interesting planned for the floor of the walkway on the lower deck.

  2. Pedro says:

    As others have said before, this new 120 really looks amazing even though I’m a bit curious: I assume those are pod drives, then they can be either ips II or Zeus. In any case I don’t understand how you can move this yacht with the current offering of pod drives in the market. I bet you are gonna introduce ips III xD

    Otherwise I have already fallen in love with this yacht.

    Keep your good work in this blog, what you do tells a lot about yourself and about Lazzara Yachts.

    Palmer Johson, be scared!!

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Pedro, some very keen observations. It will be powered by a pod drive, however I can not discuss which at this time. Keep coming back and thank you for the encouragement on doing this blog.

  3. mike carel says:

    Hi Rich,

    It appears like Lazzara Yachts has hit another home run. Very slick top side as well as a suburb master stateroom. The walkway is very intriguing though. Just looking at the colors I’m guessing it’s transparent. Assuming you have floodlights around it the effect at night must be stunning.

    Best wishes on another successful launch.


  4. David Baer says:

    Does the garage say Zuma on it?

  5. Gerrit says:

    This will be the greatest looking yacht ever made.
    It’s really beautiful.

    Do you guys have any showrooms in Asia, or take part in any Boat shows in Asia?

  6. Carl Schlehner says:

    Now THAT is what I call a YACHT! I was told that something larger than the LSX92 was in the works, but this even exceeded my dreams! It looks BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see it “live”! I love the fact that not only do you create sexy yachts, but you continue to utilize cutting edge technology. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the blog – I’ll keep visiting it for more updates.

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Carl, Thanks for nice comments. Yes please continue to follow us as I will update photos as I get them. Look this week for new pictures of the drive system that will be powering the yacht. Talk later.

  7. Graham says:

    Looks tremendous and going by your past record the technology and interior design will be ground breaking.

    As requested, feedback – With all the space available by use of pods did you consider being more radical in the layout?
    You could have moved the galley away from the now traditional accommodation space, maybe to aft of main deck, and put in a signature space like an cinema room or an amazing garden planetarium – (maybe that last one is too wacky but you get my drift).
    Having said that its a beautiful thing and your team has done a great job. (a Riva beater)

    Thanks for your time taken to blog and communicate, its appreciated.


    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Graham, thanks for the comments. Those are some very good ideas. Yes we are looking at other interior layouts as well. I will pass these comments on to our Product Dev dept. I like the idea of moving the galley and making that area something else. Thx.

  8. Harry says:

    Mr Lazzara,

    Love the rendering, looks a very proud boat. Very similar to the 92, which apart from the Canados Open 90 is my favourite shape.

    A massively original interior layout which looks brilliant. Also just really like little features like having sun pads against the bulwarks on the bow; so different to the large British and other European yards latest efforts and I personally think better. Your use of Pod drive systems gives you so much space inside, I dont see why other yards aren’t doing the same.

    I personnally really like the galley being forward where it is, using the light from the windscreen over head to make the space seem far larger like in your other models, a focal point in the yacht.

    Cheers for the blog, I wish more companies did it.


  9. james says:

    well the lsx 120 have the flood lights

  10. Jesse L says:

    Hey Rich,

    The new renderings look extremely impressive, however I have to say the Anthracite color put this boat in another league way ahead of the pack!

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