Lazzara LSX120 To Use Newest Pod Technology From ZF

So the super secret drive technology for the new LSX120 was revealed at the Genoa Boat Show earlier this week. Lazzara along with ZF have been in development of this drive for some time. The new drive will make its debut in the LSX120 in Fall 2010. The ability to couple this drive with up to 1,200HP means you will start seeing this technology move up to larger and larger yachts. The LSX120 will utilize triple ZP Pods coupled to 1,200HP (8V) MAN Engines. Lazzara is excited to be able to announce the collaboration between the two companies on what will certainly be a continuation in the evolution of pod drive technology. Make it a point to attend the upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show (Oct 29 – Nov 2) where they will be showcasing the actual unit.




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5 Responses to Lazzara LSX120 To Use Newest Pod Technology From ZF

  1. Graham says:

    Immediate reaction.

    WOW !!
    “this is one small step man, one giant leap for …………
    owner yachting.


  2. Chris Larson says:

    Very exciting news! It’s nice to see the expansion of this technology.

  3. JAMES says:


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