At Lazzara we begin every new product as if it’s the first. And though there is no doubt that the LSX Ninety Two is the big sibling of the Seventy Five she is, without reservation, a totally different yacht.  One that will explore and achieve new dimensions of functionality, comfort and performance.  There is not a design and engineering group in the world that creates with a more empowered initiative to seek perfection and become the innovation stylists of our time. I believe the new LSX Ninety Two with the bigger IPS II Quad installation is the absolute cutting edge of modern yacht design. We didn’t just push the envelope we threw it away.

Many yacht builders claim they are building your dream yacht.  Lazzara on the other hand, may actually change what you dream.  Did you ever think that a Sport Yacht could be so completely integrated with luxury, convenience and quality, yet express more of an aggressive attitude and styling than its more spartan counterparts?   Did you ever dream a Sport Yacht could offer custom yacht fit and finish with real opportunities for personalization?