Whats going on at Lazzara?

Its been awhile since I posted, so the question is “Where have I been?”  Well we had our summer shutdown the month of July and while not everyone was off most of us were.  I will tell you I now can fully appreciate why the Europeans take a month off each year.  I think its something we should do here as well.  It gave me a chance to spend time with family, catch up on things around the house and even go on a 2 week church mission trip to Uganda.   The picture is of my wife (Melissa) and me (Rich) in Uganda in front of The Nile River.  I think a Lazzara Yacht would look great on the Nile!  Maybe someday.

Anyways so everyone wants to know whats going on at Lazzara Yachts.  Well there is a lot that is moving fast while other things aren’t moving as fast as we’d like.   Sales are certainly slower than we want to see and we have had to right size our company over the last several months.  However in spite of all the tough economic times we are still forging ahead with the same exceptionally innovative yachts we have always built, as well as a few new ones.

The LSX92 continues to gather momentum and be recognized for the greatness that it is.  I was just walking around the factory and was on the new LSX75 fly and its ahead of schedule and I’m looking forward to her debut in October.  I can tell you that the foredeck seating group is twice the size that I thought it would be, it is HUGE!  Something else the renderings don’t quite do justice to is the increase in the aft deck space.  The feature though that everyone has been waiting for is the flybridge and I promise you it wont disappoint.

The LMY76 is also continuing to evolve and progress.  We had hoped to introduce it next month, however our timeline for debuting her has been extended.  In the meantime the hull, deck mold and flybridge mold are all being completed and she is going to be another great yacht.  The Master stateroom and flybridge area are both larger than on our LMY84.  Look for the boat to be introduced in early 2010.

It’s great to be back and I’m looking forward to the boat show season which kicks off for us in Canne, France this September.  More on that later but for now look for regular posts to keep coming.

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