This Changes Everything

For the past seven months we’ve been engrossed in working a historic business deal at Lazzara Yachts.  And while I’m still under tight orders to keep quiet for another 48 hrs. I can talk about some things.

We make a great product.  Sure I’m biased but honestly ask anyone, even competitors, and I doubt you will find someone who wouldnt say Lazzara makes an exceptional yacht.  In addition the innovation has been trendsetting as we have been the first to introduce many technologies over the years.  So the question I’ve always struggled with is, “How big could Lazzara Yachts be?”

Now by big I dont mean the size of the boats but the size of the company.  In the 1970′s our company produced 100′s of boats, albeit much smaller, but none the less we were one of the largest producers of boats in the world. I’ve always wondered if we could do that again.

Now a bigger company doesn’t necessarily mean better, however there is no reason that our yachts should not be seen and enjoyed in every waterway on the face of the planet. We build an incredible yacht and it should be able to be enjoyed by all.

For decades this has been my goal.  To grow Lazzara to a worldwide recognized brand, with distribution and yachts all around the world.

We’re now one step closer to that goal.  See you right here Monday January 24th 9am est for more.

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4 Responses to This Changes Everything

  1. John Hawley says:

    Looking forward to Monday’s news about expansion of availability of Lazzara’s exceptional luxury line.

  2. Hi Rich,

    You realy made me curious. It’s difficult to send you congratioulations while we not know what’s happening.
    We realy look out to monday to hear what’s your new deal about.

    Have a nice weekend,

  3. Rich,

    I will believe in this, with you! I have kept you and your company in prayer for the last few yrs. I have always known that God is going to use you to do mighty, mighty things in you and with Lazzara. As I have communicated with you in the past, you have been an encouragement to me through my hard times just by your blogs and encouraging text alone.

    With humility, I will continue to keep you and Lazzara in prayer! I cant wait to see the success that God has for you and your team!

    All my best,

    Derek Thompson

  4. Rich,

    Looking forward to the upcoming news!

    To think that Lazzara Yachts could be used and enjoyed by all would be an extraordinary accomplishment. Especially knowing that quality would not be sacrificied.

    Thanks for sharing and I will be looking for the news on Monday!

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