Social Media Madness

If you haven’t heard of twitter you must be living under a rock.  If you haven’t heard of facebook you must be living under a rock on an island.  And if you haven’t heard of a blog, oh forget it.  So whats the big deal with all this twitter, facebook, blog, social media stuff anyways? More importantly should you be using these services? That’s the million dollar question.  Or in my case since I’m the one who does it all and my time isn’t worth a million dollars (we build boats remember), then that’s the hundred dollar question. If I had to sum up why we’re involved in all of these (and more like youtube, vimeo, tumblr, flickr) its to increase brand awareness.  However, there are 5 main reasons we use the various social media services as well as which service I believe is best for each.

Reason #1 – Transparency (Tie – All three) -  My family is the American dream, my great grandfather came from Italy, his son (my grandfather) started us in the business in 1954, my dad and uncle continued it and now my two brothers and cousin are the third generation.  The people buying our yachts have very similar entrepreneurial stories as well.  The yacht symbolizes the culmination of two families hard work and perseverance. What you see (or read) is what you get with us.  You can find me all over the Internet.  Join my personal facebook (Rich Lazzara) if you want.  Ask questions, Ill answer.  This transparency is so important.  In our industry companies come and go overnight.  Keeping up the communication, transparency and honesty is more important now than ever before.

Reason # 2 – Communication/Press (Tie – Blog and Twitter) The blog continues to gather press, get the word out and perpetuate the Lazzara story better than any press release does.  Its a continued dialogue as opposed to a one time deal.  As for Twitter, posting a link to a story about our implementation of the Microsoft Surface device,  lead to running there own post. gets more than 10million unique visitors/month!

Reason #3 - Relationships (Tie – Blog and Facebook)  The name of our company is Lazzara Yachts.  We are a family owned company, one of the last in our industry I might add.  That’s an advantage over our competition.  You don’t just buy one of our yachts, you join our family. Forming relationships for our business is very important.  I think giving people a glimpse of our lives, and us of there’s,  allows us to better connect.  My family is the brand as much as the yachts are.  So connecting with people on a personal level has value.

Reason #4 – Conversation (Best – Blog) – Getting people to post comments, vote on items, give opinions, etc is all important.  We aren’t some stale company that builds multi million dollar yachts for super rich people. I want to know what you think about our company, our policies, our designs, and our blog.  That input helps us improve our company. Whether you will ever buy a yacht or not getting feedback is very important.

Reason #5 – Networking (Best -Twitter)

I have met so many people that helped us get business done , learn new things, develop new ideas, spread our message, etc.  This blog was developed with the assistance of @custommarketing which I met on twitter.

So there you have it.  The reasons we use these social media services.  I’m sure there are people out there who think this is all a big waste of time, and thats fine.  For me though, talking about boat building, the industry, yacht designs, etc is my life.   So if you’d like to follow us join us on one of the following:

Facebook, Twiiter, Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo

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9 Responses to Social Media Madness

  1. matred says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Rich. I mainly use the blog, facebook, flickr, twitter and youtube. They all work great. Even managed to make a little amount of money personally from someone wanting to buy usage rights for some of my event pictures on flickr.

  2. skicarvin says:

    great article Rich, it is so nice to see some of the industry taking advantage of the new technologies and really making it easier for the customer to communicate with the industry.

  3. Mike says:

    Great article Rich.

    Even better was seeing a Lazzara Yacht at the marina out in Fire Island / Ocean Beach, NY this past summer.

    Beautiful boats, nice work, buddy. Made this St. Petersburg boy proud.

  4. Rich 100% agree. In fact, we launched some months ago an online social network just for boat owners and water enthusiasts.

    As of today we have more than 75,000 registered users and more than 26,000 fans in facebook (we developed a widget: boatbook).

    Keep your great work and count with us for any idea or support that you might need our community.


    Antonio Belfort

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      This is awesome. Everyone should go check out this site. Something our industry needs to support. One of the best things right from the start is that it uses Facebook Connect! Great job guys! Lets help grow this site.

  5. Rich Lazzara says:

    Not sure I understand?

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