King for the Day

So who appointed me that?  John Burnham of that’s who. and the NMMA released the 2009 “Best Marine Websites” which you can read about here

Excerpt from post

“Via Twitter, Rich Lazzara of Lazzara Yachts, pointed out that it was time to recognize the best marine blogs, too. I agree completely, so I appointed him king for the day, and these were his choices (keep in mind, the smallest Lazzara Yachts models are 75 feet long):,,,,,,
(Although it was ineligible for an award this year, check out Rich’s blog on its slick new platform, too.)”

So how did this all happen? Let me explain.

I happen to see the release via Twitter (more on that later) from @BoatingIndustry to which I replied that they should add “Best Marine Blog”.  From that I got a reply back via Twitter from the editor of  Boating Industry Magazine (@lwalz) who forwarded it to editor John Burnham (@johnsburnam).  John graciously agreed that this was a category to consider and asked for my nominations to which I submitted several.  He then added to his blog post here to reflect this new category and the new nominations.

So why am I telling you all this?  Because I’m King for the day and want to brag?  No.  The reason for the full explanation is that this is a perfect example of how our industry is changing.  The conversations that are happening are now taking place faster and in a public forum.  As a  builder, journalist, technician, supplier in the boating industry you better acknowledge, accept and adapt to this change or risk being left behind.  Kudos to John and his team for having the line of communication open and the willingness to react.

Boating Industry Magazine and are two shinning examples of change leaders in our industry.  Ill post later on other change leaders as well as what this Twitter thing is all about.  For now though I’m going to enjoy being King for the Day.

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4 Responses to King for the Day

  1. Chris Larson says:

    I think you need a better crown, with boat hulls as the tips!

  2. Julie Perry says:

    “a perfect example of how our industry is changing. The conversations that are happening are now taking place faster and in a public forum.”

    I couldn’t agree more, Rich… Yes, kudos to John Burnham for keeping that line open and demonstrating exactly how Twitter can be used to dialogue and participate with one’s audience/customers/prospects.

    And might I add: Kudos to Lazzara for being a real leader among luxury yacht builders. Blog, podcasts, photos on flickr and videos on YouTube and Vimeo (oh my!) …and an active Twitter profile where it’s NOT just a one-way conversation. Now THAT is social media done right. Bravo!

    I hope many of your colleagues and competitors are taking note. Those reluctant to adapt and change will surely be sorry.

    ~Julie Perry

    – Ah, and I would add the site ( @MadMariner on Twitter) as an online boating magazine bringing together many great boating blogs in one spot (including Diane Byrne’s wonderful blog that you’ve mentioned)… while also making superb use of Web 2.0 social and new media.

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Thank you for the kind comments. I am sorry I forgot one of the pioneers and certainly one of the best marine blogs out there in In fact @MadMariner was one of the first people I started following on Twitter. Keep up the great work!

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