Is too much quality a bad thing?

Here is an interesting thought from The Superyacht Design Symposium recently held. 

“Martin Francis, looking at interior pictures of 1,000+ft, 122,000 ton Celebrity cruise ship Solstice - which began construction two years after the 390ft motor yacht A but launched at the same time – in his talk about yacht quality and the possibility that yachts are over-built”

And again, 

“The symposium was not without its provocative moments, however.  Naval architect Martin Francis, who is active in both the superyacht and cruise ship industries, threw a proverbial brick at the superyacht industry by challenging peers to examine whether the quality of custom yacht projects is actually too high.  Pointing to the less rigorous standards he’s seen in clients’ homes and in beloved hotels like the Positano in Italy, he said of today’s superyachts, “Do we actually need to have to have these incredibly immaculate, Stradivarius-type violins we are building at the moment?”

Interesting ideas and ones that should be considered.  I mention in my article Government Bailouts and the Future of Boating that one of the major problems our industry faces is escalating costs.  Is it possible that we are over building yachts as Mr. Francis has stated? Maybe.  One things for certain, if the result of over building and putting too much quality in our products is a price that no one is willing to pay, then the answer is yes.

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