First Microsoft Surface Retailer… Lazzara Yachts

Lazzara Microsoft Surface

So whats the big deal? You can look here to see over 100 website posts breaking this news, including here.   For those that dont know what the Microsoft Surface device is you can read about it in an earlier post I did here. Bottom line is we will offer it in one of our yachts starting this Summer making it the first time its available to the public.  So what exactly is this Surface device going to do on the yacht?  Several things including interacting with the yachts systems, providing a cruising guide for the owner, networking to other yachts, and many more ideas.  We’ll reveal them all when we launch the new LMC76  The fact that Microsoft picked us to launch the Surface device to the public is remarkable.  There are companies that are much larger using this technology, AT&T, BMW, Harrahs to name a few.  However none of them are offering it to the public, it just reinforces the fact that we’re not just another company, we’re  The Yacht Company.

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  3. David Baer says:

    This should bring alot of good publicity to you, pretty impressive deal you worked out with Microsoft!

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