So what's next?

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone and it was a great time with the family. Our family celebrates that time like most others.  We have more food then we can eat, enjoy seeing family we haven’t seen in awhile, reflect on the many things we are thankful for and sit around and discuss what boats we’re building next.  You do the same things to, don’t you?  All except maybe for the discussing of what boats to build.  That’s one of the unique things about being family boat builders.  The holiday season is a time to not only enjoy each other, but a time where we can step off the frantic pace of everyday work and really focus on the future vision of the company.  Last Christmas holiday the LSX92 was conceived.  Who knows what will be next.  I can tell you this, if its what we’ve talked about so far, be prepared to see our industry radically changed.  And were not even thorough December yet.

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  1. David Tomen says:

    I agree that our industry will be radically changed. Check out the comment I made on Soundings Trade Only a couple of days ago and before I read your comment:

    But another commenter made a good point as well. What you and your company is producing is state of the art, on the leading edge of design in that size yacht and it comes from Florida!

    It is quality builders like you that will be left standing. I like the site and will keep coming back for more!

    David Tomen CPYB

  2. Rich says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Bottom line is I agree with your comments on the industry and this past boat show. The industry is going to see unprecedented change over the next two years. The “old days” are gone. No doubt 2009 will be a painful year for many boat companies. For others it will be their last. But the exciting thing to me is what the future looks like. The innovation in product, service, branding, manufacturing and selling will transform our industry forever. I really like your idea about someone giving an honest opinion of what the end of 2009 will look like. I think Ill post something next week on that. By the way, you obviously understand that the industry is changing. I can tell by your blog, facebook and twitter accounts. Keep up the good work.

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