What did you do July 4th?

My family and I spent some time down in Naples for the 4th of July weekend.  While on the beach awaiting the firework I looked out to see one of our LSX75′s anchored just off shore.  I could hear music playing and watched as people on the boat danced and laughed all while the sun set.  It’s a great feeling to see people using our yachts and having fun with them.  That’s the reason we do what we do.  Most the time I either see our yachts at the factory, a boat show or during sea-trials.  However there’s nothing quite like seeing them out on the water, with people having fun using them. When we sit down to design and market a new yacht we try to envision what it will be like for the owner, his family and friends.  What will their experience be when they are anchored offshore watching fireworks with the family.  While we go through thousands of use scenarios in our minds, there is nothing like seeing, hearing and feeling the joy that someone else experiences when using something our team created.  Seeing that was as good as the firework show.  Speaking of which where did you watch fireworks?  There is a questionnaire on the right side of the homepage, feel free to vote.


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  1. We remember Lazzara vessels being the “flagships” at the annual 4th of July Offshore Powerboat Regattas in Sarasota in the glory days of unlimited class powerboat racing. I believe the Sarasota offshore grand prix is going on 30 years old with Ft. Myers Beach regatta being closer to 40. Lazzara yachts add an aura of relevence wherever they are. Gardner Jenkins

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