False Adversting? Prove It

I have made it a personal policy not to use this blog to comment on other manufactures.  I do that for several reasons, as some of you may remember I wrote about one reason here.  However when I received the FT Weekend Edition (May9/May10) I read something that I just can’t pass up commenting on.  Wrapped on the outside of this edition was a huge 4 page AzimutBenetti advertising.  On the cover was a yacht with the headline “Enduring Value for the years to come” .  Open up the advertisement and it states the following:

“The value of a company. Value for its customers. 40 years of consistent growth had made Azimut Benetti the world’s largest private builder of megayachts with the largest capital asset base.  With 30 new models soon to be launched, the solid, forward-looking company is the one that gives its customers greatest value*.  An Azimut-Benetti yacht is a long-term investment”

Overall a nice statement about the strengths of their company.  However notice the asterisk * at the end of the word “value*”.  It references in smaller type the following statement “*Independent survey by Sinaptica (Milan, February 2009): compared with all leading competitors, Azimut-Benetti Group yachts are those that maintain the highest value in the long term.”  Now I suppose this statement could mean several things however with statements such as “enduring value” and “long-term investment” surrounding the word value its clearly meant to mean resale value, depreciation, etc.  And there in lies the problem I have with this ad.  Any suggestion that the Azimut-Benneti brand  “compared with all leading competitors….maintain the highest value in the long term”; well lets just say this, those of us in the industry know different.  However instead of me going down that path , I say prove it.  Publish the report or email it to me and I will publish it.

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4 Responses to False Adversting? Prove It

  1. Normally, value could be perceived as somewhat of a subjective term, since certain elements, like style, quality, image all have different “values” to different people.

    However, I would have to agree with you, that since they used the term “value” in this particular context (resale, depreciation) and then also made reference to “competitors” – then they need to be very forthcoming about providing such data and backing up their claims. At the very minimum, they should have included a link to this report document on their website.

  2. Lew says:

    That´s the problem about being #1. People try to bring you down all the time.

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      So if anyone asks them to show the statistics that are quoted in the advertisement that means they are trying to “bring you down”? Give me a break.

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