Lazzara sells LSX120, largest yacht to date – Video #2

WOW! what a week.  Not only did we get a ton of feedback from that last video (thank you!), but we also have some big news (Click Below to see Video). Today Lazzara is announcing the sale of the largest Lazzara to date, an LSX120. She will make her debut this time next year and trust me when I tell you it will be spectacular. Video Blog with Rich Lazzara #2 from Rich Lazzara on Vimeo.

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15 Responses to Lazzara sells LSX120, largest yacht to date – Video #2

  1. Chris Larson says:

    Exciting news! I can’t wait to get home to watch the video! 120? That’s 30.4% larger than the LSX92 and 60% larger than an LSX92! In comparison, the 92 is only 22.6% larger than the 75 in length, so you can imagine all the extra room this yacht will have. Can you tell I’m an engineer(ing major)? Congrautlations! You are breaking into Palmer Johnson territory with this yacht, and I bet they and Sunseeker are starting to sweat at this news. Best of luck with the new model!

  2. Jay says:

    Congrats on the sell of the 120. Can you tell me if the columns in separating the salon from the dining area on the 80sc is a decorative feature, or is it structurally required? Thanks!

  3. The Joshua Simcox says:

    Rich That is great news. It is important to have innovators in this industry. Remember as the boats get larger the need for utilitarian functions get greater!

    Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary.

  4. Marilyn Mower says:

    Rich, great news for you and the family on the 120. I expect it to be gorgeous. More importantly, the industry and the market need news of innovation now. This could be a great way to jump start some excitement for the fall shows.

  5. Matt says:

    Congratulations Rich. I had been privileged to ‘sneak a peak’ of a drawing on the wall of ‘Area 51′ on my last visit to the factory. Very very exciting for you, and the new owners. As we know, times are tough, but it is great to see a company looking forward to the future. August 2010 can not come soon enough to see your next creation hit the water.

  6. Byron says:

    i love the new lsx 120!!! I was wondering what it would look like with a vertical bow instead?? Or could that even be an option??

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Byron, It potentially would look good but I havent seen that. However that wont be an option on this boat. Im not sure the vertical bow lends itself to the sleek express yacht design. Thanks for the comments.

  7. Gerrit says:

    Hey. Huge fan here. The exterior and interior designs on the yachts are pretty much unparalleled…

    When would we be able to view some picture of it?

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Gerrit, the yacht wont be done for another year, however we are working on renderings as we speak. Keep checking out this site as I will post them when they are done.

  8. Colin says:

    Rich, this yacht looks amazing. I’m really interested in them, but being 15, I really don’t know much about them. If you could, would you please answer one quick question for me… You see, I don’t really understand the point of a huge yacht when you don’t have a boat on it so you could be closer with the water, go faster, and have more fun in general. Ok, my question is if it would be possible to put a speedboat and/or a few jet ski’s on the yacht in the room next to the engine room on the lower deck? Of course, you would have to remove the beds and other things, and probably move the staircase over a few feet, and I was also wondering if it would be possible to put a type of sliding door on the side of the yacht, which would slide out mechanically, the jet ski/speedboat would drive up onto, and it would slide itself and the boat back into the yacht. I know I probably won’t be buying a yacht like this for quite a long time (if ever), but any info you have would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I love the hot tub on the yacht… Great addition!

    • Rich Lazzara says:

      Colin, thank you for you question. The LSX120 comes with a tender and two jet skis that will go in an aft garage. Rest assured that the yacht will have plenty of toys.

  9. Rich Lazzara says:

    Jeff, Thanks. We are really excited about this one!

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