How was the Miami Show?

Now that the Miami Boat Show has come and gone the question I am asked most is, how was the show?  The short answer is, better than I expected.  I can’t speak for the entire show but at Lazzara our attendance was down around 10% over 2008.  However our qualified interest was up.  While we wont know the total results from the show for another 3-4 weeks, I feel very confident that our sales will beat our results (selling 3 boats)  in 2008.  We have 7 sea trials set over the next 3 weeks and another half dozen factory visits.  Both of those steps are important milestones in the sales process.  In addition we have several offers on pre-owned Lazzara’s that we displayed and feel confident that those will result in sales. Overall our LSX75 and new LMC76 generated the most qualified interest.   However that is to be expected as our LSX92 and LMY116 are both in a market segment with fewer qualified prospects.  

The one consistent theme I see is that buyers are looking for new innovative products that give them the best value.  When you get down to it that is something that Lazzara excels at.  There is no denying that we continually deliver innovative product and at a pace faster than anyone else.  Couple that with the superior value we offer, both in product and services, and you understand my optimism.  That is something the public is really beginning to understand and realize that we are capable of delivering on time and time again.  Starting two years ago we introduced the LSX75, followed by the LSX92, LMC76 and LSX75 fly add those to the new Showcase , our joint ventures with Volvo, CMD, Microsoft and you start to understand that Lazzara is on a fast pace to innovate new exciting things.  As for value, whether its the quality interiors, superior space planning, industry best customer support or most efficient performance, there is no better value.  

Is 2009 going to be tough, yep, no surprise there.  Can I predict what will happen going forward? No.  You can read my opinion on predictions here. However I can tell you this, no other yacht company will out innovate Lazzara in the next 24 months or offer the public a better value, period.

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