Dick Lazzara goes to Bahamas for Customer Support – Video #3

So, I’m back with another video. What started out as an answer to a rumor has turned into a good way to have a conversation with all of you out there. I think I will make a regular program out of this video. Anyways, this week you’ll here about the podcast interview I did (Listen HERE), as well as how this past Wed, Dick Lazzara personally joined our Customer Support team to fix a yacht. This is far from the first time that he has done this however I can’t recall ever sharing these type stories on the blog. Oh, and my question to everyone is “What can we expect from this years boat show season?” So please leave a comment or you can EMAIL ME directly. As always don’t forget to follow @LazzaraYachts on twitter www.twitter.com/LazzaraYachts or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/LazzaraYachts

LazzaraYachtsBlog.com Video Blog with Rich Lazzara #3 from Rich Lazzara on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Dick Lazzara goes to Bahamas for Customer Support – Video #3

  1. Mike Dickman says:

    Great job Rich!

  2. Chris Larson says:

    In answer to your question, as people start talking about the worst being over for the recession, I think this will lead to a slight uptick in attendance and a few more interested buyers, however not too many more, if any actual sales. I say this as a Yacht is a large purchase, and there is only talk of the recession ending, so I think people will be a little cautious still, and instead go out and shop in case we really have hit the bottom.

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