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Lazzara LSX75 in 30' waves w/ pictures

Tweet “We left the port from Spain, probably when we shouldn’t have,and got caught in Force 9 gale storm. The

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Whats the real truth about Lazzara's quality?

Tweet Tired of listening to me talk about how good our yachts are.  Then don’t!  Listen to what our owners

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Megayachts Shipped to the Med

Tweet People often ask me how our yachts get to Europe or the Middle East from our factory in Tampa. 

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Follow The Good Life to Tennessee

Tweet We recently delivered a new LSX75 to an owner in Tennessee, overall a 1,400 NM trip over 14 days. 

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LSX75 Virtual Tour

Tweet Virtual Tour technology has been around for awhile.  However I think you will agree that the implementation, ease of

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Leap Of Faith

Tweet Follow this LSX75  Leap of Faith as she travels up the Erie Canal.  The sceneary is stunning and the

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Down Under

Tweet These are a series of photos taken of a Lazzara LSX75 recently delivered to Austrailia.  Look for the new

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Huge Waves

Tweet From the owner of an LSX75, ” That is the view we had looking out of the Stb. window

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Time to Fly

Tweet We elevate the LSX75 to its next level with the introduction of the “Fly” version. The LSX75 Fly is

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Whats the Big Deal

Tweet The big deal is that we introduced two new yachts. First the LSX75 Fly. The 2007 “Yachts International Most

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