2011 Miami Boat Show – Day 4 -Sold Another LSX92

Going into the last day of the Miami Yacht and Brokerage show we’ve had a good one so far. The first two days we saw slower traffic, however day three and four was a great turnout. Having recently just sold an LSX92 the week prior the show, we were able to carry that momentum into the show and sold yet another LSX92 at the show. A great day indeed and certainly a sign that things are slowly turning around in the marketplace. We still have one day left. So stop by and see us at Ramp 25 across from the Fontainebleau Hotel.

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2 Responses to 2011 Miami Boat Show – Day 4 -Sold Another LSX92

  1. Miami Heat says:

    Bottom line sir Lazzara you dont have your money yet on the sale so no cigar yet come on rick no money in hand yet

  2. Almabrand says:

    You guys are fabulous. They are simply fantastic your boats. Incredible. We’re passionate. The ALMABRAND acts in the market for luxury brands, and we will be more attentive to this space. Fascinating.

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