Even when its bad, its good – Genoa Boat Show

My flight out of Miami was delayed 2 hours, I had to run to keep from missing my connection flight in Paris and when I finally arrived in Genoa my luggage was no where to be found.  That was the start to the Genoa show for me, so it was only bound to get better from there.  While we werent actually in the Genoa show, we had our LSX75 at a the Genoa Airport Marina nearby.  We had several pre arranged meetings and sea-trials with clients.  In all we accomplished exactly what we went there to do.  

As I normally do I like to tour all the new boats, talk to as many people as I can and just try to keep a pulse on the industry.  Overall there is a general agreement that the industry is down right now. No surprise there. Besides seeing all the new boats my most favorite thing to do at a boat show is talk to many of my friends in the industry.  I particularly enjoy Stefano Roda with Ferretti, he is truly a gentlemen and is always a joy to be around.  Marco Valle of Azimut is another friend I have a very high regard for, another real gentlemen.  That’s the one thing that I love about the boating industry.  While there are bunches of companies building boats, competing against each other, its about more than just selling boats.  Its about people. Whether its employees, clients or competitors.  Its nice to be able to just sit and talk as friends with guys like Stefano and Marco.  

So in the end even though my bags didnt show up until four days later and the industry is down,  it was a really good show.

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