Dubai Show Day 1

Lazzara Yachts

So day 1 of the Dubai Boat Show is behind us.  My favorite quote, possibly of the year, is one that appeared in the local newspaper Gulf News, “With property prices declining in Dubai, a boat is a more stable investment”  Sounds good to me.  According to Gulf News there are 721 companies participating in this years show.  Thats down from 810 in 2008 and 722 in 2007.  However there are 400 boats on display, up from 176 in 2008 and 142 in 2007.  I think that’s mostly an increase in boats under 50′.  

From our stand point this is the first year we are showcasing our LSX75 to the market and only the second year Lazzara has participated in this show.  For the most part no one has seen a Lazzara here. It’s a great opportunity for us to introduce the brand and the product at the same time.  Our display is located next to Hatteras and just down from Majesty Yachts, a local builder. You can see pics of our display here.  Special thanks to Mike Myers from Quality Marine for all the hard work he did on the display.  So far we have had a steady flow of people throughout, met some new prospects and have some scheduled appointments coming over the next 4 days.  We’re looking for to a productive boat show.

You can see some random pictures of the show here

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2 Responses to Dubai Show Day 1

  1. Steve Smith says:

    It is interesting to hear your take on the Dubai so and will be interesting to here results on the sales in this part of the world. I think if they slow down it is not a good forcast for our part of the world. I hope the LSX75 sells at the show and many more like it! Lets put as many American Products overseas as we can instead of putting all of there products here in the USA. Thank you to for your company and still building products, world class products, in the USA. What is your forcast for boats of your quality in the US of the next 3-5 years?

  2. Rich says:

    Quality and innovation is the only thing that will allow US companies to survive over 3-5 yrs. There are too many low cost producers out there and more coming on line each day. Good thing is that these products are not high in quality and lack innovation. This will allow US builders to succeed if they focus on differentiating themselves from these type of low cost producers. People want both quality and innovation in a luxury product and we will be able to provide that. This will give the buyer the best value and ultimately that is what matters.

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