Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium

We couldn’t get the boat out from the show yesterday as they were still moving docks around.  So in the meantime we went for a tour around the area.  In Dubai the one thing they certainly have is malls, big ones and lots of them.  The Dubai Mall has one of the largest aquariums in the world and it is as impressive as that sounds.  However having seen large aquariums at SeaWorld, Atlantis Bahamas and Atlantis Dubai the most impressive thing about it wasn’t the fish, but the technology.  If you look at the pictures closely you will notice there are no seems in the acrylic!  This is one piece of acrylic 125′ x 30′.  Actually it was multiple pieces that they developed a process to fuse together forming one continuous seamless piece.  A remarkable design and one you should see if you get the chance.  See more photos here

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