Dubai Boat Show Day 3

Dubai Boat Show

Day 3 of the Dubai Show 

The show continues to have a steady flow of traffic.  I would say that it is the same as last year with no drop in overall attendance.  One of the nice things about the show is that it is open from 3pm – 9:30pm.  So the crowds really get largest around 7pm.  The show at night has a spectacular presentation with all the city lights reflecting everywhere as well as the underwater lights of all the boats shining through the clear blue water.  This time of the year weather is always perfect here as well (68F).  The combination of perfect weather and nighttime presentation make for a great event.  We have toured people representing countries from all around the region and have arranged for a sea trial after the show for a prospect.  In all we are excited about the opportunity to sell our product in this region.  The weekend is upon us and the crowds will certainly be higher than the previous days.  Looking forward to meeting more people and showing them the quality of the LSX.   

Dubai Boat Show

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